Leigh Righton, Photography

Paper Portrait


I have been wanting to share this mixed media image for ages. My initial plan was to create enough of these to do a show, using portraits I took of the kids I worked with in Sri Lanka and India several years back with Orphan Sponsorship International. I may still develop this in the future, but for now this remains a stand alone piece.

The process:

Printed the portrait (taken outdoors- as you can see below) using a regular office printer.

Using a newspaper that I brought home from India, I ripped pieces off and put them over top of the portrait using variations in the paper’s gradients to help shape the image.

I took a photograph of the paper pieces laid overtop of the portrait and brought it into Photoshop where I removed the background and experimented with stylings.


Leigh Righton, Photography

Demetri Martin

Doodle photo of comedian, Demetri Martin.  Knowing he’s a fan of drawing, I thought I would attempt to combine a photo I took of him with some hand-drawn lines, and why not throw the tools into the shot too.  I don’t know if it’s done, or if I’ll finish it if it isn’t, but it was fun!  Putting my new doodling pens and pencils to use.