Leigh Righton, Photography

Experimental Portrait

I have good people in my life.  I have had a portrait concept in my mind for a long time that I finally got to test last night. It required rain and a very kind human willing to play along with uncomfortable conditions.  My model needed to sit in the rain without a shirt on, and tolerate bursts of smoke in their face from a smoke machine.  All these things came together finally and I was VERY excited. The shot however did not work out as planned.  That’s why we experiment (I am telling myself)  I might try it again, but I’ll let my model recover from this experience first before I throw him back into the storm.

My model was seated outside the front door where I had hung a garbage bag as a backdrop (high production value people!)  There is a glass door that I shot through and there was a strobe light behind me which also caused some of the crazy reflections you see.  I had given up on the smoke in this shot because it was literally just blowing back into the apartment before I had a chance to put the smoke machine down and take a shot.