Leigh Righton, Photography

Paper Portrait


I have been wanting to share this mixed media image for ages. My initial plan was to create enough of these to do a show, using portraits I took of the kids I worked with in Sri Lanka and India several years back with Orphan Sponsorship International. I may still develop this in the future, but for now this remains a stand alone piece.

The process:

Printed the portrait (taken outdoors- as you can see below) using a regular office printer.

Using a newspaper that I brought home from India, I ripped pieces off and put them over top of the portrait using variations in the paper’s gradients to help shape the image.

I took a photograph of the paper pieces laid overtop of the portrait and brought it into Photoshop where I removed the background and experimented with stylings.


Leigh Righton, Photography

Colour Droplet Portraits

Sometimes I get requests from clients to do something special for their shoot and I’m asked to get extra creative in some way.  Along with the freedom to explore and experiment is also the possibility of a disappointing outcome. But as all creatives know (if you’ve prepared your client) it’s worth the risk for those magical moments when everything just clicks.

I had this concept rolling around for some time, but couldn’t think of the right image to test on.  So it sat collecting dust in the back of my mind.  When Erin (from last week’s post) approached me and was looking to do something artsy and different, it actually didn’t occur to me immediately that this idea and Erin were an obvious match.  A few days before our session I finally made the connection, and it just made so much sense! It seemed like the idea was just waiting for her.

The Process:

To create these images I printed out a few portraits of Erin, I placed a casserole dish filled with water on top of the print, and used food colouring droplets to create these beautiful swirls of colour around her.  I photographed the combination of the two from above and could barely keep my finger firing the trigger fast enough. The movement of the droplets in the water was so rapid it made for so many incredible compositions.  Deciding on which colour combination and composition was a whole other ballgame.  This was so much fun to do I could hardly convince myself to stop after hundreds of images.  I am so happy with the results and am excited to finally share them.

Photography: Leigh Righton

Makeup: Christine Jairamsingh



Leigh Righton, Photography

New Digs – Leigh Righton Headquarters

I’m really excited (and rather proud) of my new office space!  It’s been a labor of love and I’m now finally set up and ready to take on the world.  Nothing in the room is from ikea, an incredible feat I must say. I just grabbed a few snaps of the room and wanted to share.

-The desk was made from an old wooden desk, it’s been attached to the wall and covered in galvanized steel and a bajillion screws – trust me, this is an accurate number of screws if you ask my hand after drilling those suckers in.

-The office chair is another DIY project comprised of a few processes.  The metal frame was picked up from a props sell off store and is a real helicopter chair.  Cushions were added and made with lumbar support made just for me, you’d be surprised how comfortable it is.  The canvas over the cushions is waxed canvas (done by hand).  The concrete base was poured separately and various pieces of camera parts and photography related trinkets were put into the wet concrete, once dried the concrete was chiselled to reveal the parts.  Difficult to see the detail here, I guess it’s just worth exploring in person.

-The shelves above the desk were made of vintage cedar barn boards, I love them.

-The chalkboard wall is amazing for organizing my brain and projects.

-Oh, and OSB flooring