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Squamish Fest- Georgia Straight Cover

Behind the scenes of the cover shoot for this week’s Georgia Straight. Featured are local musicians playing the upcoming Squamish Festival, Louise Burns, Sleepy Tom, My Gay Husband, Cityreal, and Rykka.

Check out the feature in print or online HERE.

Thanks as always to the Georgia Straight for the fun gig. Big thanks for Vicky Canning for the behind the scenes photos and to Brock McFarlane who often takes time to assist me on shoots when his real job is mastering music. Appreciation to everyone for making this come together so seamlessly.



Published inside.


Cover shot outtake.

Cover shot outtake.


BTS photo by: Victoria Canning

BTS photo by: Victoria Canning


BTS photo by: Victoria Canning

BTS photo by: Victoria Canning

Leigh Righton, Musician, Photography

Jim Byrnes

There is something magical about being in the presence of a true storyteller. Someone who makes you want to stop everything you’re doing, pull up a chair and take in every word. While I couldn’t stop the photo shoot with Jim Byrnes altogether, I also couldn’t help myself from putting the camera down from time to time either.

Not only did I have the honour of taking portraits of this legendary blues musician, I was simultaneously gifted a solo concert, alone in my studio. I photographed him as he played and observed how seamlessly he and his guitar worked together, as if they were one. After he played and the room fell silent, I didn’t know how to respond beyond picking my jaw up off the floor. I don’t even remember what I did, I may have clapped, or said “wow” I know that whatever it was, couldn’t have done his performance any justice.

His new album is available on Black Hen Music.



Leigh Righton, Musician, Photography

Photo shoot with Wolfborne- and my new journal

I made a deal with myself to journal about every photo shoot I do this year.  Recently that idea expanded into an art journal/scrapbook/show my process kind of book, which I’m really excited about taking on and sharing.  I haven’t been very good about giving myself some “arts and crafts” time lately, and as that was a huge part of my life growing up, I’m excited to get my hands dirty again.  I want to keep record of my thoughts from each shoot; the set up, the references, posing, ideas, lighting etc.. I want to look back years from now and know exactly what I was thinking.

I’m having so much fun with this, I may even go back and do some of last year’s shoots.  Here is one from my recent shoot with the Vancouver band, Wolfborne.  They have been working with renowned music producer, GGGarth at Fader Mountain Sound and we ended up shooting right inside the loading bay doors of the studio (film crew documenting and all!)






Leigh Righton, Musician, Photography

Steve Dawson

My session with Steve Dawson took place in one of the coolest locations I’ve had the opportunity to shoot in.  So many incredible textured backdrops and one of those places that would have been easy to explore for hours.  We had a limited time to shoot there, so we had to keep the camera rolling consistently to get everything we needed.  After we were done at the location we moved over to my studio, and the cover shot for Steve’s recently released album, Rattlesnake Cage, was photographed there.  I love how the cover art works around that image.

Steve is a super talented musician, producer, and founder of Black Hen Music. Check out Rattlesnake Cage HERE






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Alyssa Baker “Timebomb”

Often times when a musician contacts me directly about doing a photo shoot, it can take a number of conversations and a few nudges from me to get some visual references of the kind of imagery they want to create in support of their music.  When I met with Alyssa Baker, a young up-and-coming local musician, I was immediately struck by how focused her vision was.  She had a full album of imagery that had a clear style and consistent feeling throughout.  It’s always so much fun to collaborate with someone who shares a similar aesthetic palette.  We fit an incredible amount of variety into our session and I’m so excited to release some of the imagery (more to come following her self titled EP release in Spring 2014)

Alyssa Baker releases her first single “Timebomb” January 15th on iTunes!

Makeup & Hair: Atefeh Shojaie www.atefeh.ca

Photography: Leigh Righton www.leighrighton.com