Beauty, Leigh Righton, Photography

Leigh Dickson- Makeup Artist


I met Leigh Dickson when she was around 9 or 10 years old and I worked for her parents at their music distribution company, back in the day.  As I write this, my mind is exploding realizing that this now stunning woman was someone I knew as a child.  This is what it’s like to get older and how it feels to be surprised by time, how strange.  Well, she is now an incredibly talented adult whose creativity seems to spill into all she sets out to do (I mean, look at that hair!)

There were a number of years between when I left their company and when we reconnected, but I kept up to date from afar (thanks to facebook) and when she was starting her career in makeup, it was evident she had a natural gift.

Now with several years of experience and as one of my go-to makeup artists, I know that when my clients are in her hands they will feel like a million bucks when they step out of the makeup chair.

If you want to show her some online love, visit her on FB and give her a “like”

I had her by the studio not too long ago so I could put her in front of the lens for once, how could I resist!



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