Leigh Righton, Photography

Matt (Braunger) and the Murals

February is “comedy month” as I’ve scribbled it on my calendar, and I’m super pumped!  The Northwest Comedy Fest will be going on between Feb 13-22 in Vancouver and I expect to have one heck of a smileache (new word!) by the time the fest is thru.  You know, when you’ve been laughing or smiling so much your mouth just wants you to get sad to give it a rest?  That’s what I anticipate.

Last year I got to follow and photograph 3 comedians who were performing at the Vancouver Comedy Fest for a few days.  That’s when I met Matt Braunger who is one of the comics who agreed to have me tag along as a personal paparazzi.  I visited with him again a few months back to hang out by some murals.  He’s super funny and super awesome, and it turns out that if you’re in Vancouver during the NWCF, you have the chance to see him live- which I recommend you do.







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