Leigh Righton, Photography

The Art of Experimenting

This morning I posted the following on my Facebook page and then went off to test out my ideas right after: 


In the past I have felt tied down to the work that keeps me at my computer, but today it occurred to me that my real job is to act whenever possible when inspiration hits.  I am in a very fortunate position being my own boss, but in the hustle of running my photography business I seem to have lost sight of the importance of these moments of creativity. They are an integral part of keeping my work fresh and my creative mind exercised and satisfied.

I know that part of the reason I can get lazy when I come up with new concepts, is because often times my first attempt is more challenging then I anticipate, or it just simply doesn’t work.  It’s easy to say that the joy and excitement of experimentation is not knowing how it will turn out, but truthfully it’s easy to get discouraged when an idea that fills you with exhilaration doesn’t turn out nearly as well as you had envisioned.  I’ve decided that I will no longer be disappointed when this happens, that I will focus on the stimulation of trying something new, whether the result is brilliant or whether it just plain ol’ sucks.  Since today’s idea resulted in the latter, I’m happy to find I genuinely feel grateful that I allowed myself the time to test and fail.  I know that if I keep trying new things and push myself through the crap ideas, I’ll eventually get to some good ones.


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