Beauty, Leigh Righton, Musician, Photography

Alyssa Baker “Timebomb”

Often times when a musician contacts me directly about doing a photo shoot, it can take a number of conversations and a few nudges from me to get some visual references of the kind of imagery they want to create in support of their music.  When I met with Alyssa Baker, a young up-and-coming local musician, I was immediately struck by how focused her vision was.  She had a full album of imagery that had a clear style and consistent feeling throughout.  It’s always so much fun to collaborate with someone who shares a similar aesthetic palette.  We fit an incredible amount of variety into our session and I’m so excited to release some of the imagery (more to come following her self titled EP release in Spring 2014)

Alyssa Baker releases her first single “Timebomb” January 15th on iTunes!

Makeup & Hair: Atefeh Shojaie

Photography: Leigh Righton



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