Beauty, Leigh Righton, Photography

Embodied Series (ear)

A couple years back I started a personal project titled ‘Embodied’  To date I would still consider it one of the most meaningful projects I’ve worked on.  I have received incredible feedback about the positive ways ‘Embodied’ has impacted the lives/perspectives of both the participants and audience alike.  I conceptualized the project, photographed 30 subjects and then prepared and exhibited the works for a local audience all within a short month or so.  After that whirlwind I had set out to plan another big (and incredibly meaningful) project, travelling to India and Sri Lanka to work with kids at Orphan Sponsorship International on a camera project.  During that time I had to switch my focus away from ‘Embodied’ and while its been sometime since I’ve revisited it, I’m really excited to begin planning a new phase of the project.

I will be posting an image and the corresponding story from the project each week here on my blog. Below is the artist statement and the first weekly posting.  For anyone who would like to participate, I warmly invite you to email me at to inquire.





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