Leigh Righton, Photography

Marc Maron- The Garage

I just got back from a couple weeks in LA, and I sure do love that city.  It was nice to take in some sunshine and visit with friends.  I was so enjoying my time, that for the most part, I forgot all about the internet.  I visited with comedian, Marc Maron for an afternoon, and got to check out the infamous “garage”  For someone who has spent countless hours listening to his interviews on his podcast WTF, it was quite the honour to check out the space where it all happens.  Not to mention, get a little shout out in the intro of this episode.  Here’s a teaser, a few shots from the series I’m working on.

Check out the episode with Illeana Douglas, he tries to make me laugh in the intro (it was hard to stay silent) Click HERE






One thought on “Marc Maron- The Garage

  1. Anne says:

    Gorgeous shots. Adds nice visual to my listening. The picture of him on the floor with the guitar and vinyl is so playful and sweet – and somehow sexy.

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