Leigh Righton

One Year Today

Travel adventures.  I am feeling oh-so nostalgic as it was one year today that I jumped on a plane with Charlyne Yi and Jennifer Hee to embark upon a journey I couldn’t have possibly prepared myself for (although I sure tried)  Most people, including myself, assume that if you’re going to get ill on a trip it would be during your travels through Sri Lanka or India as your body tries to process new foods and new environments.  I however, found myself running around Los Angeles on my one day layover, trying to find a doctor who would accept my travel insurance and put a stop to the fever and general ailment that had me eyeing my proximity to the bathroom wherever I was.  Thanks to Charlyne, who selflessly used up her day to prepare for our five week adventure, to help me resolve this issue before we had to sit on a 16 hour flight.

This trip was over a year in the making between the three of us and Nick Hindman at Orphan Sponsorship International, who generously hosted and planned our visit with the kids.  Charlyne and I had only just got to know each other when she extended an invitation for me to join her and Jenn on this trip that they were planning together.  I knew Jenn was amazing when she welcomed me along as a travel buddy without every having met me.  The first time I saw her in person was when we got in line at the LAX airport to check in together for our flight.  I felt like I already knew her well after all the time we spent chatting and making arrangements over email.

Fortunately, for everyone, my symptoms were cleared by the time I stepped onto our 16 hour flight to Dubai en route to Sri Lanka.  It felt like a miracle, and surprisingly not one of us got sick the entire 5 weeks.  I guess I just got it out of the way!

I could write a million stories about this trip, but for now, here’s a little montage of our adventure that Charlyne created.  It gives me memory goose bumps.


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