Leigh Righton, Photography

Living Lotus

Anyone who knows me well (or even not so well) knows that I have a big sweet tooth that temps my willpower on a regular basis.  My Dad has passed along his undying love of all things sugary.  His girlfriend has been known to hide sugar cubes to keep him from eating them like candy, so I come by it honestly.

I remember getting caught red-handed as a young sweets seeking child, as I ate spoonful after spoonful of sugar.  I was sitting on the counter with a big bag by my side and sugar all around my mouth, and I recall my Mom walking in and asking, “Are you eating sugar?!”  I guess I knew it was bad, so I did what any dignified child would do to save face, and with all the evidence around me, I denied it.

About a year or so ago I learned about raw desserts through a visit at the now evacuated Organic Lives.  I had heard rumours of healthy desserts existing, and had even tried a couple store bought “healthy” cookies that were so bad I had to toss despite their extravagant prices (not to mention the moral dilemma I faced throwing out a cookie)

When I first had a bite from the raw dessert at Organic Lives my mind exploded and I knew this would be big for me.  I quickly became addicted to their delicious desserts, but sadly this convenient location was soon lost to a fire that started in a suite in the same building.  After this event, I went back to my usual sugar filled life but still curious about this world I had stumbled upon.

Lucky for me, a very good friend of mine has recently developed an incredible business called Living Lotus.  She is a woman after my own heart, a sweet enthusiast who wants to help people eat better, so she creates plant-based healthy desserts to satisfy the likes of even the most sugar loving savages such as myself.  They are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, raw, and DELICIOUS.  Last weekend I attended one of her workshops “Desserts The Right Way” where she shared some of her amazing dessert recipes, informed us of all the benefits of each ingredient, and showed us how to make each dessert (including how to eat them at the end, no instruction necessary)

Yesterday I got to spend time in her kitchen while she created some dessert masterpieces and I photographed the process and ate the results.  I would call that a perfect day.

Below is her matcha ice cream and it’s amazing.  Check her out online:

www.livinglotus.net and on Facebook.








3 thoughts on “Living Lotus

  1. Looks delicious!! I’ve been trying to brainstorm some healthy snacks/deserts, and all I can figure is protein cookies! Nice photos too Leigh.

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