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Presentation Boxes

Today has been more exciting then Christmas morning, I haven’t been so excited to open a parcel in years.  My orders for samples of a few items I am offering to my beauty session clients came in today and they are even more beautiful then I imagined.  In this post I’m going to showcase the Nostalgia boxes again, but this time you can see by the images that they were made just for my clients!  They are so beautifully crafted and I cannot wait to show them off in person at my consultations.  They are a hand rubbed oil walnut box and they are presented with my logo engraved on the lid, inside there is a hand made leather wrap holding the 5×7 images carefully protected by a designer fabric.  It also comes with five little vials for keepsakes.  Included with my packages is also a USB drive with digital copies of whatever is purchased. You can add to this box with your own memories and it truly is heirloom quality.  LOVE!







2 thoughts on “Presentation Boxes

  1. Those are beautiful looking boxes Leigh! I can picture them being heirlooms filled with little trinkets of history and kept under a bed!

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