Leigh Righton, Photography

Two Girls – India

I have so many stories from my trip to Sri Lanka and India last October that I guess you could say I’ve been saving them up, hoping to find the right outlet. Even with all these months passed since my return, I still find myself at a loss as to where to begin and what to share.  I am still digesting it all, 8 months later.

I am working on an exhibition to cover my work with the kids in the Sri Lanka and India Orphan Sponsorship International programs, but while that may still be months down the road, I’ve felt compelled to start sharing parts of my journey now.  I can’t tell you why I’m starting with these images, my library from our adventures is full and diverse, but you’ve got to start somewhere and for no known reason at all, this is where I’ll begin.

In India we were  introduced to a group of 42 beautiful young girls involved with the OSI program in India.  These two girls were not a part of the program, but they had snuck into the big open room where we were getting to know the OSI girls.   I had just given a few girls some point-and-shoot cameras and was watching them start to practice.  At one point, I noticed these two girls sitting off to the side watching.  I walked over to them, said hello and giggled with them for a few minutes.  For some reason I found smiles and laughter to be a common way for me to introduce myself to the kids I met there, it worked well since we couldn’t communicate with each other with out native languages.  These two were very sweet and smiley, and pretty quickly they jumped up and waved me over to another area of the building. With every step they would  look over their shoulders to check that I was still with them. They made sure I saw everything in the room by pointing around at each object.  Then they had me walk with them through an arched doorway that felt a little like a hidden cave.  This is where they stood proudly and rather epically. This was obviously the big deal room, even though it was small, it felt important. After the short tour we headed back up to the group.  A few minutes later I saw one of the program facilitators ask them to leave.  Woops, I think I got them in trouble…






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