A funny thing to realize after several years as a focused portrait photographer, that I have never even thought to offer my mom a photoshoot.  My mom, the woman who I treasure most in my life.  When I give it even a moment of thought, there is no one else I’d rather pamper and deliver beautiful photographs to more then my mom.  I’m glad I did give it a moment’s notice, because I then decided it must happen.

This is without a doubt a biased statement, but photographs are such an incredible and invaluable possession.  Growing up, I loved going through my mom’s old photographs.  I was able to see her as a child… as a teenager, as a young woman, and then as my mother.  It seems magical to see my mom long before I was born, and follow snippets of her life through these images.  

Maybe I’m just getting older (well, that’s time for you) and am appreciating these things more, but the truth is I have always been in awe of my mom’s beauty and elegance and can only hope it’s in the genes!

I knew it would be fun to get to do a session with my mom, and through all the laughter and uncomfortable posing I had her do, she was thrilled with the results.  If only I had my photo taken with her, it would have been a perfect mother/daughter day.

Thanks to Leigh Dickson for the beautiful makeup & hair.

This also happens to mark the launch of my Beauty Portrait sessions.  I’m really excited to branch out and extend my photography services beyond the entertainment industry where I have been focusing for many years.  I am excited to help create beautiful photos for all women (and men!) who want the experience and keepsake to hold for years to come.  With Mother’s day around the corner, maybe you’d like to treat your mom to the same experience!  For inquiries and bookings, please email leighrighton@gmail.com (special mother’s day deal if you book by May 12th and mention this blog post!)














2 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Leigh, you’ve done a beatiful job on my sister!!, (.. even tho’ I must say, that except for the 2nd one, I hardly recognised her… haven’t seen her looking so glamourous!! ….. and what you wrote was heart-warming. She must be so proud of you…. I would be 🙂
    All the best for continued great works. Lots of love ‘Auntie Bobbie’

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