Marc Maron

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to have one of my fave comedians, Marc Maron by my studio to do some portraits.  We had spent the day together while I photographed him for a photo essay I was shooting during the Vancouver Comedy Festival for Serial Optimist (which also features Matt Braunger and Brendon Walsh– out soon!)  

I brought him over to my space for a quick session.  What I forgot to mention was that there had been roof repairs taking place, it being half a year of the mess and construction scene, I’m now pretty used to it.  When we stepped out of the elevator onto the rooftop patio toward my place he stopped and asked, “are you going to kill me?”  Having never been asked that question before, I think said something awkward that likely did nothing to put him at ease.  Either way, he came out alive, as planned… and below you can see a few of the studio shots.

If you’re not already tapped into his podcast WTF, check it out! 





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