Fake Shark Real Zombie! – Georgia Straight Cover

Today is an exciting day- My friendship and history with Fake Shark Real Zombie runs deep, and to say I am really proud of Kevvy and the band would be an understatement.  Sitting like kings on the cover of the Georgia Straight this week, is the very deserving Fake Shark Real Zombie, with a feature story that’s hard to put down until the end.  When I found out that I was shooting the cover, I was so excited to get them back in front of my lens again.  In the early FSRZ years we did many o’shoots and I had them doing all kinds of crazy things for me while I was carving out my own creative path. This shoot was much simpler but a wonderful throw-back (for me) to those times, but it also gave me a wonderful feeling of excitement and fresh phases of life and career.  Thank you my buddies for the great shoot and the Straight for bringing me on board!

Read the article HERE




Some silly behind the scenes…








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