Leigh Righton, Musician, Photography

Esthero – Everything is Expensive

Like many others, I too have been waiting and waiting for likes of Esthero’s latest album Everything is Expensive, to be released.  She is one of my favorite vocalists and of the several performances I’ve had the pleasure of catching, I can say her unplugged show in Vancouver made it onto my “top shows” list.  Yes, she’s one of my favorite performers too.  On top of this, I’ve been fortunate to get to know her personally over the past couple years and I call this incredible woman my friend.

I’m so proud to have contributed to her album with a collaborative image which is found in her album packaging.

Of course while I have been travelling in India, where the internet was sparse, the album was released.  So I can finally share the image and give Esthero a big (belated) CONGRATULATIONS!

Photo by: Leigh Righton

Digital Artwork (handphones) by: Dinis Freitas


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