Leigh Righton, Photography

EMBODIED: July 28th

I am SO excited about the launch of my photo installation titled, EMBODIED.

The past several months have been fully dedicated to this project, I cannot express how incredible this process has been for me to both facilitate and be a part of.  I photographed just over thirty people who bravely allowed me to turn my camera to the area(s) of their body that they had struggled with at some point in their lives.  My intent with this concept was to celebrate and embrace what makes each person unique and to encourage a stronger appreciation of the complexity of the human body.  I initially reached out for participants through my Facebook community, and though the first to volunteer to take part were friends and family, I found the project took on a new life when people I had not yet met before started coming forward and were asking to take part.  The conversations I shared with the participants during our sessions made this experience much bigger to me then just the visual outcome alone.  To accompany the final collage of imagery is a handmade book with some of these personal accounts detailed in the subjects handwriting.

Wine available at the event made at Far Beyond The Grape Wine Works.

Event sponsored by Cariboo Brewing


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