Leigh Righton, Photography

Canadian Screenwriter Magazine Cover- Arctic Air

If you’re in Vancouver, I’m willing to bet you’ve come across all the big billboards featuring the new CBC television series Arctic Air.

I was really excited to learn that the subjects of my shoot with Canadian Screenwriter Magazine were going to feature two of the writers from the show, Ian Weir (writer/creator) and Bob Carney.  When the magazine reached out, they weren’t aware that I had any ties to Arctic Air, as it turns out my brother and several friends made up the prop department- and my friend Gary Harvey is an Executive Producer!

I did some candid shots around the writers room and later met Ian and Bob at my studio space for a few cover options.  The concept here was shot through a window I had standing on a frame built at roughly their height and frosted with spray snow.

On stands now, Spring 2012 issue!  Read the interview with Ian HERE.

Thank you David at WGOC for call on this project.

Makeup by Abby Cruz


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