Leigh Righton, Musician, Photography

Alicia Warrington – Paiste Sponsorship

I was able to reconnect with one of my favorite ladies recently, Alicia Warrington is one hell of a drummer (one glance at the list of projects she’s been involved with and you’ll understand this is an understatement) and her new sponsorship with Paiste is certainly well deserved.

The circumstances in which this photo came to be was something of a comedy of errors, but I’ll just give you a quick overview.  When we drove up to her rehearsal space where we were going to shoot, there was a car literally hanging from a power line a half block from the space.  An odd sight, but we drove by and carried on with the day and set up to shoot.  I took a couple test shots and just as I said “alright, lets start taking some shots” the power went out in the whole windowless building.  So that wrapped our one minute shoot, and this was one of our test shots that ended up being a final shot.

As soon as we packed up in the dark, using my laptop as the only source of light, we had to deal with a bunch of locks to secure the room. As she pulled her key out of the last lock, all the lights came back on and full power had returned… but we figured we nailed it with our one minute photo shoot.


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