Leigh Righton, Photography

Piece Showcased in COVET Exhibit

Thanks to the many guests who came through Chapel Arts to check out the COVET exhibit this past Friday, what an incredible turn out!  For those who missed it, Brendan Meadows was the brains behind the concept and task of the show that had each Photographer submit a muse and a location they covet. Each contributor was then given another person’s subject matter and setting at random.

I wanted to share my piece and the story.  When I first received my package, I was told I had an 8 year boy who wasn’t allowed to leave his property, and the setting I was given was a small park in Kerrisdale.  Off the top I assumed I would have to do a composite based on my model’s limitations.  I checked out the location and started brainstorming imagery that would work with an 8 year old.  When I spoke to my model’s mother she told me she had no problem bringing him to the location and that he was 13 years old and 6ft tall!  This changed my vision, so I went back to the drawing board.  I was having a difficult time with the location too, but when I met my model there and had him bring all kinds of props and a little tickle trunk of clothes we had a blast.  I had him in a cape up in a tree, laying on the ground in a suit, posing in the parking lot with a grass skirt around his neck and blowing into a conch shell.  The latter is what you see in the image.

To incorporate the location I decided to take the empty shots of the park I took when I first scouted it, and overlay them with an effect to create the textures you see.  As I found out from the Photographer who submitted my location when we chatted at the exhibit, the location I should have been given was a beach in Tsawwassen that had the same name as the park in Kerrisdale.  Quite different!  But the experience pushed me to move outside my comfort zone and create something I never could have planned any other way.

Thanks again to the crew involved with the show for having me on board!


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