Leigh Righton, Musician, Photography


Edrysse is a very talented young singer who has just unleashed her first two singles with the songwriting and guidance of Liquid Tension Music.  I worked with the team and Edrysse on the prep and photo session for images to accompany the releases which are now available online, click on the images to take you to the songs.

Knowing that this would be Edrysse’s first photo shoot, I wanted her to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible and really bring out her personality. At the beginning of our session I asked my make-up artist to join Edrysse and had them dance together, warming her up and getting her used to my camera while she moved.  It was a fun way to get things started!  Later in the session I cranked her tunes and had her sing along, I was shocked at the voice that came out of this young girl.  Pretty incredible!

The songs also happen to be mastered by CPS Mastering – who you may remember from a past post.

Graphic Design by: Ben Didler

Make-up by: Dana Allan


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