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Confusion Hill

Earlier this year I took a road trip to San Fran from Vancouver.  We were traveling in an old (and I don’t use ‘old’ lightly) camper.  It leaked, it was loud, I slept in a sliver of a bunk we pretended was a bed and we broke down Lynnwood on our first day… which means for a normal vehicle would take two hours at most to reach, not us, it took us the day to get there.  We took the camper to a shop where it was discovered there was a crack in the manifold.  I didn’t know what that meant, but it sounded serious.  That’s how the trip started…

Once we got going again, after three days in Lynnwood, we went along the beautiful Oregon coast.  The weather wasn’t in our favor, but it was undeniably breathtaking regardless.  We found ourselves stopping at all the tacky tourist attractions roadside, which proved to be interesting.  At one point we started seeing signs for “Confusion Hill” with question marks and bright yellow signage.  We needed to know what this was about.  When we got to the stop, it was not made any clearer.  If you’re curious, check out their website.

While we were browsing their confusing giftshop, I was taken by the woman working the shop.  She loved talking with her customers, she played up the theme by saying “I’m not sure, I must be confused!” when she was asked a question she didn’t have an answer to.  She was very engaging.  I chatted with her a bit while I paid for some ice cream snacks, and I asked if I could take her picture.  She was so sweet, she said “oh wow, you want to take a picture of me? No one asks for pictures of me!  Sure, if you really want to”  I did really want to.

Gift Shop - Confusion Hill


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