Leigh Righton, Musician, Photography

Dan Mangan – Georgia Straight Cover

Last Thursday, after returning from a morning shoot, I received an email from the Georgia Straight asking if I was available to photograph the cover the following day for the upcoming issue.  I was excited at the opportunity to work with Dan Mangan who would be the main feature of the the magazine and my collaborator and subject.

After I finished up at my first shoot of the day, I rushed back to my space to set up and get ready for the cover shoot.  I generally spend a lot of time in pre production on these kinds of sessions, but had very little time so when Dan showed up with the penguin he was willing to share the photo shoot with, I was pretty pumped.

We started out with an outdoor wander where we tried a few shots, but the light wasn’t magical yet, so we went back into the studio and played around with the penguin and various set-up’s.  Once the light outside hit that magical Vancouver hour, we set out again to peruse the hood.  We stumbled upon a house that had an incredible yard full of cool old bikes and random “things”  and which made for a perfect backdrop.  We walked up to the front door and the guy on the porch (who I almost didn’t see) said we could “go for it”.  So we took a few shots, one has accompanied the article.  CLICK HERE.

If you’re in Vancouver, go pick up a copy!  Great article on Dan Mangan and if you check out the link to the online post there’s a great video interview.


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