Leigh Righton

Prints for sale to fund my trip to Sri Lanka

I have been planning a trip to Sri Lanka and India which I am very excited about.  I will be travelling for a month with two friends of mine (as it turns out all our names rhyme, which must mean something..) and we will be visiting with the kids at the Orphan Sponsorship International.

I will be heading to a number of the OSI sites and have an idea I want to play with while I’m there.  I am trying to round up a few point-and-shoot digital cameras to bring with me and give to the kids to play with.  I plan to use their imagery and mine in an exhibition to help raise awareness and funds to go back to the organization and kids.

This trip comes with a notable price tag, so to help me get there, I am hoping to raise some funds by selling a selection of my prints at a temporary discounted rate.  Choose from the gallery of available works and email me to work out the details.  The images have different dimensions so the print sizes will vary, but a standard enlargement will go for $125 including shipping within Canada.  Please help spread the word and send me an email if you are interested in purchasing a print or donating to my trip!

Gallery of IMAGES available for sale: CLICK ME!



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