Leigh Righton, Photography

Sucker Punched

The “Sucker Punch Ball” is an event title that immediately caught my attention.  When I received the assignment from the Georgia Straight to photograph the fashion show portion, I was admittedly very intrigued.

As it turned out, the night at the Rio Theatre consisted of two highlights: a fun three part burlesque style fashion show, featuring clothing from Scout Boutique, designer Misty Greer, and the feature artist (yes, a clothing artist) Melanie Talkington of Lace Embrace – the second portion of the evening was a midnight screening of the premiere for the movie ‘Sucker Punch‘… hence the Sucker Punch Ball.  Though, being the granny-like gal that I am, I didn’t have it in me to stick it out for the movie… and, the exciteable Photographer that I am was excited to get home and get uploading images of the spectacular outfits I had seen throughout the evening.

The following image was alongside the article by Sarah Rowland in this week’s Georgia Straight… unfortunately the photo credit was missed in print, but if you pick up a copy this is what you’ll find!

Lace Embrace: Left - Virginia Newton-Moss, Rita Star, Genevieve

Big thanks to Dana Atwood for all her assistance!


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